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Do you want to effectively communicate with your caller in a foreign language? With our help, it's very simple, fast and affordable!

By reducing the number of words in a single list, the translation is done quickly (approx. 60 minutes), and the fixed price guarantees that you know how much you pay.

For reasons of speed of action, your mail should not contain specific vocabulary and be kept within the predetermined amount of 165 words. For larger texts we offer the written translation service. We reserve the right to refuse an order to translate a document divided into several e-mails.


Your message will be translated in approx. 60 minutes

fixed price

You do not pay for the characters, only words. We offer a fixed price for translating up to 165 words

24 hours a day

Your message can be translated at any time of the day or night (concerns standard languages)

How it works


Click “Order message translation” and paste the message in the appropriate field in the form


Pay for your order


Your translation will be available in you Customer Account and in the e-mail message sent at your address


8 GBPper message
(net price, without VAT)


How soon can I expect my translation?

e-mail translation is carried out in approx. 60 minutes.

Can I send the text with specialized vocabulary?

No, the text should contain a non-specialist vocabulary due to the short turnaround time. The service aims to improve communication, e.g. between business partners.

Why only 165 words?

In order to maintain the quality of translations with the quick turnaround time, the text cannot go beyond the limit of 165 words. For larger texts we offer the written translation service.We reserve the right to refuse an order to translate a document divided into several e-mails .

Is the price for the translation lower if the text contains less than 165 words?

No, the price is always the same, so you should take advantage of every word.

What do I do if my e-mail contains 175 words?

The maximum number of words in the translation service for an email is 165 words. If the e-mail exceeds this amount, let us treat it as a translation of two messages.

Can I order translations of 5 e-mails simultaneously in different language combinations?

Yes, of course. You can order any number of e-mail translations simultaneously and in different languages.

Clients' opinions

Due to the difficult technical vocabulary specific to the laboratory sector, we use, which prepares us email translations in just a couple of dozen minutes. The main advantage of the service is speed, which in business is at a premium.

- James helps us in dealing with users. There are situations when the news hits the help desk, e.g. in German or Spanish. Since we look forward to providing a high-quality service to our customers, we commission email translations to As a result, in the eyes of our users, we act as a professional company, in particular when we offer applications for language learning. An undoubted advantage is the speed of translation that you receive within 60 minutes.

- Brigdet


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