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Proofreading is a service consisting of adapting content to the specificities of the country, areas of knowledge or audience. As a result, the completed material is better received by readers.

Native speakers cooperating with us have a thorough knowledge based on linguistic education, specialization of language and knowledge of local idioms. At each stage of the order we enable consultations of the substantive text with the following specialists: academic research institutes, doctors, economists ...

Proofreading may relate to a document already translated or be an additional element of the translation order (written, websites).

Scientific proofreading concerns texts for publication in international journals.

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We can provide a quote for proofreading within approx. 30 minutes with no obligation.

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Order proofreading of a translation or proofreading of an already translated text.

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Proofreading enables location of the text, that is, to be adapted to the user in a given country.

How it works


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The proofread text will be available in you Customer Account and in the e-mail message sent at your address


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How much time should I expect for the valuation of the document being corrected?

Valuation is carried out within approx. 30 minutes.

How many characters does the billing page include?

The billing page is 1500 characters with spaces for the source text.

Is the translation a better translation?

No, the correction adjusts the text to the local customs, standards and vocabulary. It does not improve the interpretation, but may be important for better reception of the material by the recipient, e.g. official, scientific.

When is correction most often applied?

Correction is most significant in business and scientific texts.

In the case of business texts, it usually concerns websites, marketing materials, etc.

The correction of scientific work involves a check by a native speaker of the correctness required for publication in international publications. Adjustments and corrections are carried out by academic experts in their field, for example, in medicine, who publish themselves.

Clients' opinions

We have co-operated with since November 2014. Since the beginning of co-operation, it has undertaken specialized translations containing technical vocabulary in English for us. Translations provided by are always undertaken in a timely manner and are of high quality. We would recommend this service to all who need a professional partner in the field of translation.



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