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We carry out translations of documents, correspondence, studies, publications, manuals, certificates, etc. We provide regular translations, as well as specialized, technical ... and all others.

Our translators comprise of more than 300 specialists in various fields of translation, including medicine, industry, economics, law, IT, literature and technology. As an additional service we offer proofreading by a native speaker, namely adapting to the user in a given country.

We do not charge additional costs depending on the degree of difficulty of the text or the date of completion. We care about the quality of the translated texts, we provide mapping editing, formatting and file compatibility with the translation of the source document. We use the latest translation solutions with the integration of CAT tools with our service - thanks to which we eliminate repetition and numbers in valuation quotes.

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We will quote the translation in approx. 30 minutes, with no obligation

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Send us a document for a valuation quote by form – We work on a number of file formats.

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Specialized, technical, trade, regular and certified - it's all on our site and part of our service.

How it works


Upload files for quotation by clicking “Get a free quotation”


Accept the quotation and pay for your order


Your translation will be available in you Customer Account and in the e-mail message sent at your address

(The original copy of the certified translation will be sent by post.)


from 0,11 GBPper word
(net price, without VAT)


How much time should I expect for the valuation of a document for translation?

Valuation is carried out within approx. 30 minutes.

How many characters does the billing page include?

Page settlement in the case of standard translations of 1500 characters with spaces for the source text.

Page settlement in the case of certified translations is 1125 characters with spaces for the source text.

Can I place an order with 3 translations in different language combinations at the same time?

Yes, of course. You can order any number of translations at the same time and in different language combinations.

Do I pay for the postage of a certified translation?

No, the postage of the originals of certified translations bear no additional charge.

What do I have to enter in the "comments"?

The field is intended for guidance for the client sending the text. For example, "Please measure only the selected text in yellow," or "Please translate only to page 4".

What documents does a sworn translation require?

Sworn authentication is required for the following documents: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage contract of purchase and sale of real estate, documents of cars imported from abroad, power of attorney, lawsuits and court orders, documents and statements to the commercial register, minutes of a general meeting of shareholders, invoices, adoption.

Does the translation include the adjustment or correction?

For each translation you can also order a correction by native speaker .

Clients' opinions

linghub.uk excels in translating texts related to the ceramic industry, contracts, certificates. We are satisfied with the quality of translations delivered, the forms of their transfer and communication between our companies. Moreover, the company always keeps to its deadlines, which puts it in a favorable light. We recommend linghub.uk with confidence to any company that needs professional help in translation.

- Tubądzin

We have been co-operating with linghub.uk since October 2014. Since the beginning of cooperation, this service has done many specialized translations for us containing specific technical vocabulary in Slovak, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, French, Swedish and Finnish. linghub.uk online service provides a fast, efficient and timely service that meets our expectations. Employees react quickly to any of our attention or remarks. Translations carried out by the service are of high quality, which confirms the care the service takes in the selection of translators. We recommend linghub.uk as a reliable partner to cooperate with in the field of translation.

- MaxCom


Customer Services Office:  +44 20 8190 0332  /  info@linghub.uk